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Collection: Aomidori Shimai

Aomidori Shimai formally started in June 2022 but the very idea and love for statement timeless pieces was sown deep in us in our early years. We have embarked on this journey to not only create timeless and rapturous pieces that tug at your heart strings but also an environment to unabashedly feel your true authentic self because that's the very core of Aomidori Shimai. Growing up we were of course infatuated by jewellery and heirloom pieces but the one critical thing that we had learned was to invest in articles, clothing or accessories, that are perpetually fulfilling which translates and will continue to in all that we create.
All our pieces are made to order. It’s an euphoric feeling when something is especially made for you by the stupendously talented craftsmen. It’s a beautiful process seeing all their hours of patience and creativity come together each time.

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